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Kampia Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Single Estate

Greek Cypriot Olive Oil

Kampia olive oil is produced on the beautiful island of Cyprus from the small mountain village of 'Kampia'.

All our olives are hand picked from highest quality Koroneiki olive trees, to insure that we produce the finest fresh extra virgin olive oil we first cold press our olives on the same day for the ultimate quality and taste.

The perfect time for harvesting is when 50% of the olives on the tree are half ripe, 25% green and 25% black. This ratio creates the intense fruity, peppery flavour with a little bitterness particular to Kampia Olive Oil.

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Produced and bottled by the Kleanthous family 2009©.


"It is a single estate oil with a tremendous bouquet, a combination of floral and fruity notes that will waft across your dining room table as you pour it onto salad or use as a finishing oil for pastas."

"The folks at Kampia have produced an olive oil that plays harmoniously in the nose and on the taste buds."

-- Costas from I love Oilve Oil